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  1. I understand that roadtrip isn´t a band anymore, they don´t want to be in this band and they tried to make things work but I feel like they could/should have tried harder, ( not saying they didn´t try their best because if I´ve learned anything from watching these boys is they never give up on something they really want or believe in.) I also feel like we (as roadies) let them down and honestly when the band was still together I thought that if/when the band ever ended then they could have atleast ended on a good note and nobody including (Rye, Andy, Mikey, Brook, Jack, Sonny, Harper and the roadies) would really get hurt I hope/know everyone that was there for the boys are still supporting them and that all this drama is just total crap and everyone one else can think whatever they want but I know the others (roadies, boys) will come around eventually and do the right thing. (and yes I know I´m late when it comes to the drama but I just wanted everyone to know exactly how I feel about this dram and crap that was or still is going on between the guys and everything else that is going on.)

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